Africa Engagement Workshops continue far-reaching impact

Workshop participant and Lansing School District High school student is selected as a delegate to the Global Youth Institute.

A Lansing School District High school student in the Africa Engagement Workshops organized by Dr Eunice Foster, will continue to participate in the program as a delegate to the Global Youth Institute.

Africa Engagement Group Attendees after the completion of the workshop.

Natalie Shipley (5th from the right, in Group photo), has been invited to attend in the World Food Prize Foundation Global Youth Institute, a prestigious week-long academic conference focused on youth efforts that address global food security issues.

Natalie interviewed to become a delegate after participating in the program on campus during the 2022-2023 school year, and was selected to attend the meeting in October 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa, fully funded by Michigan State University, Michigan 4-H, and the World Food Prize Foundation, which covers all program expenses for Natalie and her teacher. 

Dr. Eunice Foster leads the discussion during the Africa Engagement Program Workshop.

“Another student who participated in our program was selected to interview for the opportunity to participate in in the Global Youth Institute,” Dr. Foster said. “While not selected as a delegate this time, it’s a great honor to be recognized at this level.”

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