Many opportunities for collaboration and outreach at the MSUE Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center

MSUE UPREC Director James DeDecker summarizes 125 years of history and research in PSM/HRT series seminar

Research and outreach opportunities at the MSU UP Research and Extension Center 

James DeDecker, director MSUE UPREC, recently spoke to PSM/HRT Weekly Seminar attendees about the unique opportunities for research at the farthest north and most diverse of MSU’s 15 Research and Extension Centers. 

In 2024, UPREC will reach its 125th anniversary. ForageFieldTrials.jpg

Several PSM people have experience with UPREC, Where the unique geographic and demographic position provide unique opportunities to study agriculture and climate change with almost immediate feedback.  . As MSUE Forage Specialist, Kim Cassida has an active research program at UPREC and works with area producers to improve productivity and prepare for climate change. Kurt Thelen works with DeDecker at UPREC to evaluate latitudinal effects on various crops.  Morgan Klosowski (BS CSS Dec 2023) did an internship in there summer 2023. Morgan stayed on-site and worked with agronomic research in organic vegetable production. “I enjoyed being in the UP with beautiful scenery and learning about the differences between agriculture at home and there along with the challenges they face with a short growing season. I did not appreciate the mosquitos that likely were worse than prior years from a late heavy snow. Overall a wonderful experience!” 


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