New program for PSM - undergraduate minor in environmental soil science

Dr Barret Wessel forms new program available to all students

MSU student examines soil texture at a recent American Society of Agronomy regional competition

MSU is now officially offering a minor in environmental soil science, an interdisciplinary program of study organized by PSM's Dr. Barret Wessel.

The Minor in Environmental Soil Science is intended to serve students and professionals who plan to pursue careers in soil science, soil health, or related agricultural, natural resource, and environmental sciences with a focus on the sustainable management of soils to produce food, fiber, and other products while conserving or regenerating natural and managed ecosystems.

The 15-credit minor requires 9 credits in soil science, as well as an other 6 credits in a wide variety of programs, including Geology, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife, Geography, and Plant Biology, which can be counted toward the students' majors, reducing the commitment and increasing the appeal. 

Barret, who teaches undergraduate soil science courses, notes that this program will bring a new variety of students to PSM. "Students from all these other programs will be coming to here to take the CSS classes," adding diversity to the program. 

Also appealing is the professional aspect of the program: The requirements meet the soil science course work requirements for Federal and state employment as soil scientists, as well as the course work requirements necessary to become a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS).



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