New PSM Staff Member

Matthew Chansler, research assistant, joins Dr Grace Fleming as a much-needed full-time lab manager as her program grows.

As new lab manager, Matt Chanselor works with Dr Grace Fleming on several projects, including mentoring EcoTek students

Matthew Chanselr, new research assistant in Grace Fleming’s lab,, graduated 2012 from Lyman Briggs (plant biology), earned his master of science degree in 2015 working with Dr Alan Prather, and then spent some time  exploring field work, viticulture, and teaching in MSU’s Biological Sciences Program. Matt started working in the herbarium here at MSU in 2019, where he managed the collection, as well as many students, volunteers and outreach projects such as MSU’s Science Festival.


After successfully snagging Matt from the herbarium, Grace put him right to work hiring new undergraduate assistants. “I chose two from more than 70 applications,” Matt said. Matt is also active in the EcoTek science mentoring program, which runs for three months during the school year. Matt worked with the EcoTek team to develop this year’s project, and now mentors the students through the lab activities. “It’s really great to be working with other people who are so committed,” Matt said of the PSM people who are working with the EcoTek lab high school students . “I’m new to this demographic and I love working with them. They’re so into it—coming all the way from (Detroit metro area) on a Saturday. They are learning that sometimes science can be very repetitive and redundant. It’s fun to take one or two photos or measure photosynthesis once or twice, but after a while they learn the reality of getting a large enough sample size to do some real science.” The students will present their work at a symposium at the Kellogg Center on 8 March 2024. “I hope they can be proud of their work here and I hope that has added value to their high school experience.”

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