Plant Science Student Recruitment Weekend 2024

A good turnout for the future of plant science at MSU

The annual Plant Science Recruitment wrapped up recently, drawing 5 students toward PBGB, 5 to PLP and 4 toward CSS. The activities included presentations, meals with faculty, tours, and a poster session, featuring appetizers and  research posters by our graduate students. 

Dr Christine Sprunger had two recruits visiting and met with about 6 different students. “I was extremely impressed with the level of engagement and the quality of questions that the recruits had about MSU/KBS,” Christine said.


Graduate students Sia Heshmati, Marc Friedman and Judson Van Wyk share science stories while poring over research posters 

Dr Alexandro Rojas-Flechas met with all the students interested in the plant pathology degree. “All of them were pretty sharp and professional,” Alejo said. The students’ experiences ranged from very applied research to basic research looking at specific genes involved in plant biology and host-pathogen interactions.  “I enjoyed the discussion with students who like to be at the interface of applied and basic research, and also engaging discussions with all of them.”


Dr. Diane Ebert-May of Plant Bio fame noted that she’s seen a lot of grad students in her career, “and this group is definitely top of the crop.”

Dr. Greg Bonito feels it’s important to participate in the recruitment activities. “These are our future colleagues,” Greg said. “We should all get to know them and make them feel welcome here.”


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