PSM's Marc Friedman and Alassane Sow explore food and sustainability issues in a new MSU Museum exhibit

Exhibit on view through Jun 29, 2024 at the MSU Museum

Access to nutritious food is fundamental to our survival. Yet, according to the United Nations Committee on World Food Security, the combination of “a changing climate, growing global population, rising food prices, and environmental stressors will have significant, yet uncertain, impacts on global food. See how the MSU community interprets these concepts in a stunning exhibit at the MSU Museum through June 2024.


From left presenter Alassane Sow (undergraduate research assistant Bonito lab), Dr Greg Bonito, presenter Marc Friedman (graduate student Bonito lab), and Dr Bruno Basso on opening night at the MSU Museum's food-waste-recycling system exhibit.


Bonito lab undergrad Alassane Sow and grad student Marc Friedman have developed an elaborate and detailed demonstration of how common fungus could help alleviate the food waste problem.

One fun guy's trash is another fungi's treasure is part of the FOOD FIGHT special exhibit, developed with the co-lab studio.

In addition to the exhibit, undergrad student and MSU Mycology Club member Alassane Sow will demonstrate how to grow mushrooms in a bottle, 27 Jan 2024 at the Museum.

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