Advising & Registration

Each student is responsible for knowing the university, college, and department requirements as stated in the MSU Academic Programs. Students must complete the graduation requirements that were in effect at the time the student entered the ANS major unless he/she elects to complete a curriculum adopted by the ANS department at a later time.

Each freshman or transfer student will be assigned an academic advisor in ANS during the Academic Orientation Program (AOP). In addition to an academic advisor, students are encouraged to seek other ANS faculty members as career mentors. This person can provide guidance on career paths and internships.

You should not rely solely on Degree Navigator and perform “self-advising”. Historically, students who operated strictly with Degree Navigator and do not work with an advisor have made critical errors that delayed graduation or they missed opportunities to enhance their programs. Further, these students may not become acquainted with the faculty and faculty may not become acquainted with these students. Faculty will not write recommendation letters for students they do not know. See your advisor regularly!

It is your option to select a different advisor other than the one assigned after AOP. No explanation is required. This is your academic program. If you want to change advisors, please inform Tracy Rich (

All ANS students are encouraged to see their advisor at least once per semester to review their academic progress toward graduation and professional goals. Your advisor must also certify your completion of all requirements for graduation.

It is critical to keep your advisor informed about your actions and plans. Let him/her know if you are available for specialized independent educational and work experiences. Frequent short meetings are better than one long meeting. Remember, one of the most important people in your MSU undergraduate program of study is your advisor. Effective communication with your instructors and advisor will enhance your program of study, progress, and career after graduation.