Education at CMERC

CMERC Education.jpgAt CMERC, we offer a location for cross-disciplinary learning experiences that actively engage educators and students. Instead of creating new curriculum, educators can integrate CMERC into existing curriculum and find opportunities for students from diverse disciplines and departments to learn in the same space. 

Since 2018, learning and education activities at CMERC have spanned multiple disciplinary areas and audiences including:

  • The CMERC Faculty Fellows program, which brings together fellows from different MSU colleges to learn about curriculum development and create learning modules that integrate activities at CMERC into MSU courses.
  • Mentored undergraduate independent study and research internships.
  • Senior/capstone projects for students in Landscape Architecture and Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
  • MSU courses using CMERC as a learning site, including Wetland Ecology & Management, Community Engagement for Sustainability, Plants of Michigan, and Wildlife Disease Clerkship (Vet Med). 
  • Non-MSU courses using CMERC as a learning site, including Ornithology (U of Michigan) and Environmental Biology (Lansing Community College).

Request to Use CMERC for Educational Activities