Education Abroad

COVID-19 Updates from the Office of Education Abroad

We strongly recommended that each student in the Department of Community Sustainability partake in at least one education abroad program. Our students have found that these experiences have proven to be very worthwhile. Through education abroad, Spartans engage in cultures different from their own and add value to their degree. 

Students can study, research, intern and partner with local communities around the world. Education abroad programs are academically focused with credit that counts toward graduation.

The following education abroad program is offered by faculty in CSUS:

  • South Africa: Conservation, Sustainability, and Ecotourism Education
    • The Conservation, Sustainability and Ecotourism Education in South Africa Education Abroad trip is led by Dr. Everett and Dr. Eustice. To read more about this education abroad experience, checkout the program brochure
    • Ready to sign up for this education abroad opportunity? To apply, follow the sign up instructions below:
      1. Go to education abroad programs website
      2. Click on "Program Search" to get started
      3. Login (or create) your VIA account
      4. Search for the " Conservation, Sustainability, and Ecotourism Education in South Africa" program
      5. Follow the application instructions in the VIA application portal.

More Education Abroad programs are available and can be found education abroad programs at MSU.