ODEI First Tuesday Seminar: Featuring David Riera from Florida International University

March 5, 2024 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Registration Deadline: March 5, 2024 - 04:00PM

Ag Hall rm 75 / Zoom

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion invites the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources community to attend the ODEI First Tuesday Event.

The March event features David Riera from Florida International University


As a sixth-year doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction at Florida International University, he leverages his passion for research, conservation, and education to be an advocate for justice, access, inclusion, diversity, and equity across STEAM research, teaching, and learning. He holds six collegiate degrees and eleven professional certifications (from veterinary technician to open water deep-sea diver) in various STEM and industrial disciplines, which he utilized in partnership with scientific, environmental, and education leaders to increase the presence and participation of underserved students/emergent professionals through initiatives and activism. His service in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Veteran supported his efforts to be a First-Generation Afro-Hispanic college graduate and has driven him to continue to serve in his community in numerous capacities. David is driven to engage the public through environmental and agricultural education, is relentless through his work tackling various social and ecological justice issues (like environmental racism, urban degreening, and food desertification), and is committed to co-creation, distribution, and preservation of cultural knowledge, traditional ways of knowing and inquiry-based research in navigating the politics of our world. NASDA HEADSHOT-17.JPG

David’s research focuses on understanding how self-identifying minitorized youth in Miami conceptualize, utilize, and potentially see themselves reflected in science and or becoming a scientist.  David's primary goals are located at the crossroads where science, education, advocacy, and nature intersect!

First Tuesday Seminars

These monthly discussions are open to students, faculty and staff. These events are an opportunity to hear from diverse scholars and professionals from the agriculture and natural resources industry, government and higher education disciplines speak about their own career and life paths, as well as their research, work or opportunities in a variety of fields.

This event will be hybrid so register to receive the online and in person participation details. For questions, contact dareayod@msu.edu 


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