Purchase Items

The following items are available for purchase from the MSU Animal Science department.

Spartan Dairy Ration Evaluator/Balancer

Spartan Dairy 3 is a Windows-based, stand-alone computer program for use in evaluating and formulating diets for dairy cattle.  It was designed to formulate reasonable diets in a relatively short period of time using the latest science.

Breeds of Beef and Multi-Purpose Cattle

Dr. Harlan Ritchie recently finishing writing a book entitled “Breeds of Beef and Multi-Purpose Cattle.”  Rather than publishing it in hardcopy, he chose to distribute it on this website so that it can be accessed by anyone interested in the subject. Please consider a $25 donation to the Beef Cattle Education Endowment Fund.

Breeds of Beef and Multi-Purpose Cattle.

The Beef Cattle Education Endowment Fund focuses on enhancing support for the excellent educational opportunities afforded to students in the MSU beef cattle program, as well as provide a sustained source of funds for MSU’s beef research and teaching facilities, including the Purebred Beef Cow-Calf Teaching and Research Center, and the Beef Cattle Teaching and Research Center.  Informational Brochure.

History of DHIA in America

History photo -  Source: Iowa State University

"DHIA in America - A Foundation for Progress" is a 35-minute Ken Burns style (PBS) documentary DVD that delves into the status of the dairy industry at the turn of the 20th century leading to the development of Cow-Testing Associations -- DHIA (Dairy Herd Improvement Associations) as we know them today. The 1st DHIA Association in America was started in Newaygo County, Michigan in 1905. Since then, DHIA has been one of the cogs to provide great strides in the U.S. dairy industry. This documentary was created to capture the 100-year history of cow-testing in America. Over 200 photos included.  For an informational brochure about the DVD or an order form contact Ted Ferris.