State FFA Degree Completer Program

Michigan State University (MSU) recognizes the commitment and value of completing an approved Michigan Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education program and earning the FFA State Degree by awarding 6 general credits that can be applied toward an academic program at MSU.

FFA students meet with Sparty.

Apply for Credits

To qualify for FFA Completer credits that can be used at MSU, you need to:

  1. Complete all the requirements of a State of Michigan-approved Career and Technical Education program in agriculture, food and natural resources.
  2. Earn your FFA State Degree.
  3. Apply and be admitted to MSU or the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology.
  4. Download the form and submit the related FFA degree documentation by mail or email. (Further directions on the form.)


Contact Mark Forbush at or 517-432-0322.

Apply to Michigan State University

Apply to the Institute of Agricultural Technology


How does MSU recognize the 6 credits?

The credits will appear on your transcript as ANR 6 GCU credits after your first semester at MSU.

  • ANR stands for agriculture and natural resources.
  • GCU stands for general undergraduate credit.

How are the credits used in my academic program?

The credits can be used only to satisfy elective credits in a major, degree or certificate program.

What if my program can’t use all 6 credits?

All eligible students will have the ANR 6 GCU credits show on their transcripts. It is possible that not all 6 credits can be used based on the number of elective credits required in the chosen academic program. Your academic advisor can help you determine how many of the 6 credits can be used toward your academic program.

Do I pay anything for the credits?

No, there are no additional fees associated with these credits.

Are the ANR 6 GCU credits only for academic programs in the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources?

No, you can apply your ANR 6 GCU credits toward elective credits in any academic program at MSU. The number of credits used will depend on what you study.

Can the credits be applied toward an MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology certificate?

Yes, the number of credits used in the certificate program is different for each program. See your academic advisor for more information on how many credits will apply toward your program requirements.

Can the credits be used to satisfy internship credit requirements?

No, the ANR 6 GCU credits can be used only to satisfy elective credit requirements within a major, degree or certificate program at MSU.

Download the State FFA Degree Completer Program Form