Funded Projects


Benbow, M. Eric Understanding hemlock woolly adelgid and elongate hemlock scale microbiomes to identify novel bacterial symbionts for invasive species control
Brainard, Daniel Integrating chemical, physical and robotic technologies to address critical weed problems in vegetable crops 
Bunting, Erin Fruit Abundance Mapping using Lidar Collection and Machine Learning Classification Models to Support Site-Specific Management and Harvesting Activities: A Case Study in MI Vineyards
Burns, Erin Investigating weed control in short-statured corn
Burrack, Hannah Broadening the buzz: Assessing sustainable intensification and arthropod-mediated ecosystem services in row crops
Chilvers, Martin Enhancing Wheat Seedling Health:  Pathogen Characterization and Seed Treatment Trials for Effective Root Rot Disease Management
Chilvers, Martin Enhancing dry bean production through improved identification and management of diseases
Cregg, Bert Improving plantation establishment and managing cone formation for Christmas tree production in Michigan
Dong, Younsuk Improving Irrigation Management in High Density Apple Production Using a Climate-Smart Irrigation Technology
Dong, Younsuk Assessing groundwater recharge on irrigated lands using advanced geological survey techniques and a mathematical model
Dong, Younsuk Providing growers a user-friendly mobile app for climate-smart irrigation scheduling
Douches, David Modifying Key Traits for Potato Tuber Size Profile and Bruise Reduction in Potato
Douches, David Developing and deploying new host plant resistance to potato insects in diploid potato varieties
Haus, Miranda Developing recommendations for pH soil amendment and addition of beneficial microbes to combat blueberry replant disease
Hausbeck, Mary Molecular characterization of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. apii can provide needed answers to celery “meltdown”
Hayden, Zachary Understanding and Mitigating Variability in Field Uptake of Heavy Metals in Processing Carrots and Winter Wheat
Huang, Zachary Construction of a queen tracker to study honey bee queen movement
Hulin, Michelle Understanding the evolution of pathogenicity in epiphytic Pseudomonas on sweet cherry
Hulin, Michelle Evaluating novel control measures for Pseudomonas cherry canker and identifying new pathogen targets for future management
Isaacs, Rufus Understanding insect vectors and rot pathogens to improve Michigan grape quality
Isaacs, Rufus Updating MSU's blueberry extension program to improve resources for growers
Lebeis, Sarah The impact of commercial microbial inoculants on the physiological and microbial dynamics in soybean root during drought stress
Lopez, Roberto Developing Strategies to Prevent Undesirable Purple Pigmentation on Cuttings Rooted under LED Supplemental Lighting
McCullough, Deborah Are Systemic Insecticides a Viable Option for Spotted Lanternfly Control in Maples?
Noh, Yoorae Evaluating the formation and accumulation of microplastics and plastics-derived contaminants in vegetable production
Patterson, Eric High-throughput protein folding of weed proteomes to lay the groundwork for new discoveries in weed science.
Perkins, Jacquelyn Creating a digital decision aid tool to improve apple pesticide programs
Rojas-Flechas, J. Alejandro Insights into the diversity and genome complexity of the bean root rot complex
Singh, Maninderpal Optimizing planting practices in winter wheat: role of precision planting, row spacing, seeding rate, and varietal canopy
Sprague, Christy and Singh, Maninderapal Optimizing harvest strategies to improve soybean yield and quality
Sundin, George Tolerance to the last resort bactericide kasugamycin in the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora: assessment and mitigation
Sundin, George Bacteriophage:pathogen dynamics -- unraveling the critical factors necessary to making phage biocontrol a reality
Vanderweide, Josh Characterizing the role of pollination quality on blueberry flavor volatile biosynthesis
Vannocker, Steven Developing the native apple as a model for understanding spring frost resistance in commercial apples
Vannocker, Steven Increasing Apple Production Profitability by Optimizing Pollinizer Efficiency in Single-Variety Blocks
Wessel, Barret M. Establishing Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory legacy data as a research resource
Willbur, Jaime Development of web-based Extension resources for potato and sugar beet diseases
Wilson, Julianna Using historical pest, crop, and weather data to develop and improve forecasting models in Michigan orchards